WTO teams from Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Arandjelovac during the first weekend of October 2019.
We visited many historical places in the heart of Šumadija and were fascinated by the beauty of Oplenac, fertile vineyards and intoxicatingly stimulant fresh air. Magnificent Saint George’s Church is the Mausoleum of the Royal Family Karadjordjević where the kings from the last Serbian royal dynasty are burried.
Saint George’s Church
Karadjordje’s (dynsty founder) crypt
The Mausoleum of the Royal family Karadjordjević
Royal Winery in Oplenac
What keeps up the team spirit better than a match of Ping-pong or good old bowling.

After the exciting day, we had a great time in ethno village Zdravkovac enjoying tasty food and great music.
On our way back home we visited Aleksandrović winery, the place where one of the best Serbian wines are made.