General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions


  • This request, submitted through the website of “World Transport Overseas- Bulgaria” LTD comes in response to an offer developed by “World Transport Overseas-Bulgaria” LTD and as such, together with the offer form a Contract of Carriage.

  • All costs for providing transport equipment / car, container, wagon, ect. / at the loading place and all related costs for organising the shipment will be at the expense of the shipper, if the cargo is not ready for loading or it is not available at the designated location for whatever reasons.

  • In case that more of 24 hours are needed for loading/unloading of the cargo or the transportation vehicle is delayed vs the previously agreed free time for staffing/unstaffing due to the shipper's fault, the latter owes to “World Transport Overseas- Bulgaria” LTD a compensation of 100 EUR (a hundred euro) for every 24 hours started.

  • The agreed freight rate for Inland transportation is due to “World Transport Overseas - Bulgaria” LTD in its full size, even when the actual quantity may be less than the pre-ordered quantity. If the actual quantity exceeds what has been booked, “World Transport Overseas- Bulgaria” LTD may refuse to load or may decide to replace the means of transport. In the latter case, all additional costs will be at the expense of the shipper.

  • “World Transport Overseas- Bulgaria” LTD will act based on this booking order as a freight forwarding agent- in its own name and at the expense of the shipper/owner of the cargo.



  1. The contract between the freight agent and the trustee comes into power at the moment when the trustee completes and sends the transport request through the forwarder's website.


  1. From the time the contract is concluded, the parties to the contract will act exclusively under the provisions of the “Warsaw Convention” in force on 9 January 2004, the “CMR Convention”, the “TIR Customs Convention”, the “ATA Customs Convention” and the “Common Forwarding and Storage Conditions” of the ”National Association of Bulgarian Forwarders” which have been announced on and the contracting authority declares that it accepts unconditionally.


  1. The parties agree on any disputes arising out of or relating to the contract entered between the parties, including disputes arising out of or relating to its interpretation, nullity, performance or termination, as well as disputes concerning the filling of gaps in the agreement or its adaptation to newly created circumstances will be settled by the “Court of Arbitration at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry” in accordance with its rules of procedure based on arbitration agreements.